The Second Coming of Christ

The second coming of Christ follows the journey of a woman scientist who, at the end of times, discovers that true Faith can bring Miracles.

Diana Angelson stars as Dr. Beatrix Cera, a famous entomologist hired by New World Genetics Corporation, the leader in genetically engineered foods, to research the causes and effects of dying crops. Her findings indicate that after years of experimenting with food, nature has taken it’s toll and deadly mutations occured within crops. The pollinators, mainly the honeybees, have spread these mutations to the entire plant kingdom, which means a slow, but total extinction.

Desperately trying to defy God by creating an “immortal gene” in Bees, Beatrix finds herself in an urgent struggle between evil and good.

Press Release and Articles

‘The Second Coming of Christ’ Shows a Pro-Pope Version of Armageddon

Premillennialist apocalyptic Christian films generally target evangelical Protestants as their audience, so it’s rather unusual to see one made from a Catholic perspective…

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“The Second Coming of Christ” First Look

The Second Coming of Christ is an upcoming film about an atheist female scientist who, at the end of times, discovers that true Faith can bring miracles.

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The Second Coming of Christ

“The Second Coming of Christ” features an interesting plot about the apocalypse and a unique take on how the end times might unfold. A Blight hits all the plants on the Earth, resulting in the death of them all, and this results in a domino effect. Animals die, and insects and people are left starving, due to the lack of vegetables and meat.

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The Second Coming of Christ [2018] (MOVIE REVIEW)

The end of the world is nearing, and all of the bees are dying.  Thus, Dr. BEEatrix Cera has been enlisted by the mysterious Chairman of New World Genetics to create the Immortal Bee, an experiment that will causes bees to live forever and produce food that makes humans live forever.  Simple right?

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