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The film tells the history of Armenia and her citizens, from the resurrection of Jesus Christ all the way through to last year’s march in Los Angeles. The majority of the film focuses on the Orbelians, a happy Armenian family living in Turkey in 1915. The parents and grandparents relate stories to Tigran, the youngest of the family, to frame the historical view of how Armenia came to be and setting up the political climate that comes into play as the impetus for the Genocide orchestrated by the Turkish government. The story follows the family as they witness the atrocities of the Genocide and are sent out into the desert to die, all the while trying to make it out alive and find a better life in the fabled land of America, where freedom is assured.

In Theaters APRIL 15th 2016 , for more details check out the official website.

Armenia, My Love... | Flawless Production Inc.

Media interviews

Lights On LA 04 12 16a Diana Angelson Interview

Diana Angelson and Nazo Bravo sat down with ARTN Shant TV to discuss Armenia, My Love on the Point of View show.

Diana Angelson sits down with Stepan Partamian on the Bari Luys show to discuss Armenia, My Love.

Press Release and Articles

LA Times | Armenia, My Love...

New film ‘Armenia, My Love’ retells story of struggle, survival during 1915 genocide

For Shake Tukhmanyan, an actress since age 17, starring in “Armenia, My Love” was an especially emotional experience.

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Asbarez | Armenia, My Love...

‘Armenia, My Love’ Secures Limited Los Angeles Theatrical Release

Armenia My Love’s Romanian American Filmmaker Diana Angelson Receives The Distinct Honor of Being Recognized as One of the People
That Commemorated the Genocide in A Special Way by Reuben Vardanyan’s 100 Lives Foundation, Whose Co-Chair is George Clooney

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PASADENA NOW | Armenia, My Love...

Pasadena now article

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PASADENA Independent | Armenia, My Love...

Pasadena Independent article

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